Weird, Wild, Amazing! Sky

Weird, Wild, Amazing! Sky

Flannery, Tim


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Internationally renowned author and scientist Tim Flannery takes readers to the skies to learn about the extraordinary animals that fly in them.

Can owls swim?
Do woodpeckers eat wood?
Are vampire bats real?

Tim Flannery has the answers. In this informed and accessible book, he introduces some of the most spectacular and unusual creatures soaring through Earth’s skies with in-depth and often-bizarre facts. Flannery ties together concepts of climate change, evolution, conservation, and taxonomy throughout each animal’s profile, firmly connecting it to its environment while sparking wonder at its role in the natural world. Packed with vibrant illustrations and guided by real-life anecdotes from one of our greatest science communicators, Weird, Wild, Amazing! Sky teaches readers to cherish and delight in our planet’s ecosystems with Flannery’s signature mix of humor and wisdom. Full color throughout

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