MOB Kitchen

MOB Kitchen


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This, the first MOB Kitchen cookbook, contains all the inspiration you need to make budget meals to impress your friends and family, any time.

Each recipe is designed to feed four people on a budget. His mission is to mob-ilize cooks everywhere, young or old, and to inspire them to cook delicious, nutritious, and inexpensive recipes. From Asian-flavoured spaghetti meatballs, to the ultimate homemade falafel pitas, there’s something for everyone, whether your mob is vegan, vegetarian, meat-loving, or health obsessed.

The core element of every MOB Kitchen recipe is that it is affordable, healthy, delicious, beautiful, and easy to make. Unlike most budget cooking sites, MOB Kitchen doesn’t make any absurd store-cupboard assumptions. All that is expected is that you have salt, pepper, olive oil, and a small budget, nothing more. Teaming up with musicians, each recipe has a song that’s perfect to play as you cook, and can be accessed directly through exclusive Spotify codes.

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