How Little Lori Visited Times Square

How Little Lori Visited Times Square

Vogel, Amos

Ilustrador: Sendak, Maurice


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Poor little Lori. All he wants is to go see Times Square, but somehow he is thwarted every step of the way. First he takes a subway but gets out at South Ferry. Then he takes a bus but finds himself at 242nd Street. So he tries a taxi, and here’s what happens: The driver says, «Do you have enough money to pay me?» Lori answers, «What a silly question! I am much too little to have enough money for a taxi.» So the driver says, «Please get out then.» Will Lori ever get to Times Square? Maybe with a little help from a very… slow… moving… friend.

Dimensiones 18.7 × 1.2 × 13.3 cm
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