Donburi Mania

Donburi Mania

Kobayashi, Kentaro


Easy Japanese Cooking: Donburi Mania features a collection of more than 70 mouth-watering, easy-to-make recipes most
designed to be made over rice.

Categories and recipes include:
Special Occasion Rice Bowls (over rice):
Pork steak and vegetables / Crispy, crunchy fried chicken / Sunny-side up egg / pork fry / Vegetable stir fry
Volume Rice Bowls (over rice):
Soft cabbage and ginger flavored pork / Stewed pork and vegetables / Cheese and meat sauce / Stroganoff / Sesame grilled chicken
/ Big chicken ball / Shrimp and chicken coconut curry / Mabo tofu / Kimchi / Noodles and pork
Popular Basic Rice Bowls:
Tempura / Grilled chicken / Chinese stir fry / Eggs and chicken / Eggs and fish paste / Chinese chive and shrimp
Delicious Fish Rice Bowls:
Tuna and avocado / Buttered yellowtail / Fish and spring greens / Sashimi / Sweet and sour swordfish
Quick-to-make Rice Bowls:
Pork and onion / Bacon and mushroom / Tuna omlette / Salmon and Wasabi / Clams and Scallops / Curried Eel
Lots of Veggies Rice Bowls:
Meat and peppers miso / Mish Mash of veggies / Sukiyaki Chicken / Chinese style pork and mushroom / Fried oysters / Eggplant,
celery, and pork Curry
Small Rice Bowls:
Greens and Caviar / Lotus Root / Scallop / Small fish
Small Side Dishes:
Easy vegetable salad / Spring Rain Salad / Nuts and cheese salad / Arugula and cream cheese salad / Potato Salad / Grilled Eggplant
/ Butter sautéed pumpkin / Tofu and mini-shrimp / Chicken and cucumber sesame seeds