An Inventory of Losses

An Inventory of Losses

Schalansky, Judith


Each disparate object described in this book—a Caspar David Friedrich painting, a species of tiger, a villa in Rome, a Greek love poem, an island in the Pacific—shares a common fate: it no longer exists, except as the dead end of a paper trail. Recalling the works of W. G. Sebald, Bruce Chatwin, and Rebecca Solnit, An Inventory of Losses is a beautiful evocation of twelve specific treasures that have been lost to the world forever, and that, taken as a whole, open mesmerizing new vistas of how to think about extinction and loss.

With meticulous research and a vivid awareness of why we should care about these losses, Judith Schalansky, the acclaimed author of Atlas of Remote Islands, lets these objects speak for themselves: she ventriloquizes the tone of other sources, burrows into the language of contemporaneous accounts, and deeply interrogates the very notion of memory.

A dazzling book about memory and extinction from the author of Atlas of Remote Islands


Winner of the Warwick Prize
Winner of the Helen and Kurt Wolff Translator’s Prize Longlisted for the 2021 International Booker Prize
Wall Street Journal Best Book of the Year
Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year
Financial Times Best Book of the Year

Named a best book of 2021 by The Wall Street Journal

“Disappearance may be a forlorn theme, but it has rarely been granted such reverent contemplation, or been made to feel so powerfully tangible.”

The most wondrous book of the year: by taking what has vanished and turning it into a great piece of literature, the author has performed a magical act. —Die Zeit

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